Main Squarespace dashboard Updates

You might have noticed that some of your Squarespace dashboard tabs are not there where they used be. Squarespace has been rolling out updates for users for the last month, starting with Circle members, and now all updates are live for all users. We are listing out today the most important changes to get you up to speed with these updates.

Main Squarespace dashboard Updates

1. Design Tab Update

The Design tab is reorganized to include everything related to the visual changes on the site. You will find the following options under this tab: 404 page settings (Make sure to head there in case you still have a generic Squarespace 404 page), Checkout page settings(for those on Commerce plan), Template, Site Styles (see next point), etc. Probably one of important changes here is the fact that the Custom CSS tab is “hidden” under the Advanced subtab.

2. Style Editor is renamed to Site Styles

Style Editor (now Site Styles) is where most of the styling work happens. Don’t panic if you can’t find the tab any longer, it was just renamed. It’s still located under your Design tab as before.

3. Marketing Tab updated + SEO specific features

Marketing tab has been restructured to include all marketing related tools, like your Announcement Bar, Promotional Pop-up, Pinterest buttons, Facebook ads, etc. (note some of these features are not included in Personal plan). There’s also a new tab SEO, where you can edit your Site meta title and description and preview how it will appear in search results.


Hope this was helpful and now you can confidently continue using your updated Squarespace site dashboard.

Squaremuse Team